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In this help section Cartridge Genie have covered all aspects that you may have any difficulty with. The content includes frequently asked questions from customers. If there is anything that is not included in this help section then don't hesitate to contact us by email and we will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible and updating the help section as necessary.
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Why Set Up An Account?
Setting up an account with Cartridge Genie makes it much easier for you to place your order in the future. You can simply login with the email address and password that you gave when you registered. This means you don't have to enter your details again to order from us.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
At Cartridge Genie we accept any of the following payment methods:
Visa, Visa Debit/Delta, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro(Switch) and Solo.

How Do I Change My Account Details?
Click 'Account Summary' within the 'Account Details' box on the right hand side of the screen. A message will appear below which says 'If you would like to update or amend your account details please click here'. Click on this link and you will then be able to update your details.

How Do I Close My Account?
To close your account, please contact us via the contact page confirming you would like to close your account with us and include your name, address and registered email address. You will then receive an email to this address to confirm that you are closing your account and we will remove you from our system within 2-3 days.

Forgotten Your Password?

At the bottom of the 'Account Login' on the right hand side of the screen, there is a 'Password Reminder' link. Click on the link you will automatically be asked for your email address. When you enter your address a reminder of your password will be sent to your email address.

How To Order From Cartridge Genie

Using Quick Cartridge Find
On the Cartridge Genie 'Home' page you will find our 'Quick Cartridge Find'. Simply select the manufacturer of the printer then the type of printer, followed by the model. This will bring up a selection of cartridges that are available for your selected printer model.

Search By Manufacturer or Category
On the left hand side of the screen you will find options to search for products within certain categories or by manufacturer. When searching for a cartridge by manufacturer, the result can be filtered by clicking the relevant category at the top of the search results e.g. inkjet.

Adding Products To The Basket
On the 'Product List' page there is a 'Quantity' box on the right hand side. The 'add' and 'subtract' links next to this box are used to change the quantity and once the correct quantity has been selected, they can be added to the basket by clicking on the 'Add to Basket' button.

Products can also be added when the product is selected. The quantity is typed into the box on the 'Product Details' page and the 'Add To Basket' button is clicked.

Adding Products To Your Favourites
This can only be done when you are logged in to Cartridge Genie. Simply click the 'Favourites' symbol and the product will be added to your favourites section.

This section can be used to store products that you may be likely to buy regularly or may just be stored for future reference. This eliminates having to do the same search each time you access Cartridge Genie.

Removing Products From Your Favourites
If a product has already been added to your favourites section then it will be highlighted in the search results. This highlighted icon can be clicked to remove the product.

Purchasing Products
Once all of the products are selected and placed in the basket, the next step is to buy them. Click 'View Basket' on the right of the page to view the products in your basket then if they are correct click the 'Checkout Basket' button.

Shopping Basket

Altering Product Quantities
In order to alter the quantity of products simply change the number in the box next to the product which you want to change.

Removing Products from the Basket
In order to remove a product from the basket simply alter the value of the quantity to 0. Then click the 'Update Basket' button and the product will be removed.

Continue Shopping
If this button is clicked then Cartridge Genie will return to the page that it was on before entering the shopping basket. The products will remain in the basket.


How Do I Know That Cartridge Genie Have Recieved My Order?
You will be sent a confirmation email when an order is placed to show that your order has been received by us.

What Happens If I Forget My Order Number?
Your order number will be sent to you in the confirmation email you receive after placing your order. You should keep this email safe as the details included in it may be needed if any problems occur.

If the order number has been lost then you can contact us via the contact page with your name, address and email address used to login, followed by the reason for your email and we will get in touch with you.

Delivery Information

How much will delivery cost?
Delivery is £4.99 + VAT to the whole of the United Kingdom.

Will we ship to an alternative delivery address to that of the registered Card Holder's address?
Sorry, but at the moment we will only ship to the Registered Card Holder's address.

Will we ship to an international address?
Unfortunately we are not able to ship to addresses outside the United Kingdom.

How long should my order take to arrive?
You can expect delivery normally between 1 and 5 working days, unless delay is caused by unusual circumstances.



Refunds & Returns

How can I get a refund for a product?
You can return your product by post within a 7 day period via the returns address that is on the receipt of your order.

How do I return a product I have ordered?
Contact us via the contact page, please include your account number, name, order number, the reason for the return and the item number, description of the products and the quantity. If you have specified a different delivery address for the order, please include this also.


How Does Cartridge Genie use my personal data?
Cartridge Genie only uses your personal data to process your orders, notify you about any offers or new services we may provide. Your information will not be given to any third party company. It will also be used to personalise the site when you are logged in ensuring that cookies are used to keep records of your favourite products for you.

How do I dispose of used ink cartridges?
There is a link on the left of our site enabling our customers to recycle their cartridges to raise money for a selection of charities.

Alternatively, ink cartridge manufacturers send an envelope with their product so you can return any used cartridges to them for recycling.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
To unsubscribe from out newsletter there is a link on the bottom of the email labelled 'Unsubscribe'. This will take you to the unsubscribe from newsletter page and you will be prompted to enter your name and email address that you registered to the newsletter or your account with. Once these are entered you request will be handled as soon as possible.

Alternatively click this link - unsubscribe and fill in your name and email address.

I can't find an answer to my specific question. What do I do?
Please free to contact Cartridge Genie via the contact page

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